Waterford Township Cemetery Index, M - R

Waterford Genealogy Study Group
and the
Waterford Township Public Library
Images courtesy of Deronda Phipps


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MACKAYNancy AnnDrayton Plains Cemetery
MACKEYWesley ACrescent Hills Cemetery
MACNEILLJeanDrayton Plains Cemetery
MAGGARDTimothy RayCrescent Hills Cemetery
MAGNANAlbert RWaterford Center Cemetery
MAHANHerbert RDrayton Plains Cemetery
MAHEIRIEAboudCrescent Hills Cemetery
MAIERAdamWaterford Center Cemetery
MAIERMagdalenaWaterford Center Cemetery
MAINCharles PvtWaterford Center Cemetery
MAINIKAnnie Marjorie MartinCrescent Hills Cemetery
MAJORSBertha EWaterford Center Cemetery
MAJORSGladysWaterford Center Cemetery
MAJORSJames RussellWaterford Center Cemetery
MALLOYMary EDrayton Plains Cemetery
MALONEYShannon KristineCrescent Hills Cemetery
MANNAdalbert JDrayton Plains Cemetery
MANNNancy StreeterDrayton Plains Cemetery
MANNINGJosephine JCrescent Hills Cemetery
MANNINGJosephine JCrescent Hills Cemetery
MANNINGRussel HCrescent Hills Cemetery
MANNINGRussel HCrescent Hills Cemetery
MANSFIELDRoy DouglasCrescent Hills Cemetery
MAPESPamela KayCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARCHBANKSDonald F CCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARCHBANKSTheodoreCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARCUMArthur JWaterford Center Cemetery
MARCUMDonataWaterford Center Cemetery
MARCUMOlivia RN & baby boyWaterford Center Cemetery
MARCUMThomas ArthurWaterford Center Cemetery
MAREKBaby BoyCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARENTETTEPearl KCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARENTETTEWilliam MCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARQUETTEClifford DaleCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARSHLarry HerbertDrayton Plains Cemetery
MARSHOliver KennethCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARSHALLArthur WesleyCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARSHALLFrederick JDrayton Plains Cemetery
MARSHALLFrederick RDrayton Plains Cemetery
MARSHALLLewisWaterford Center Cemetery
MARTINAlfred JohnCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARTINBaby BoyCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARTINGerard DCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARTINJames PrestonCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARTINSheila MarieCrescent Hills Cemetery
MARTINTony AndrewDrayton Plains Cemetery
MARUNAFrank JDrayton Plains Cemetery
MASONDorothy E TaylorCrescent Hills Cemetery
MASONEdithWaterford Center Cemetery
MASONWilliam JWaterford Center Cemetery
MASONWilliam J MrsWaterford Center Cemetery
MASSIEEthel BlancheWaterford Center Cemetery
MASSIERobert NWaterford Center Cemetery
MASTICKRonald JCrescent Hills Cemetery
MATHERLYCaroline LaneCrescent Hills Cemetery
MATHERLYDoyne ElwoodCrescent Hills Cemetery
MATOUSEKEdward FCrescent Hills Cemetery
MATSONClarence PaulCrescent Hills Cemetery
MATTESONEuniceDrayton Plains Cemetery
MATUCHAKenneth HarrisonDrayton Plains Cemetery
MAULEBaby GirlCrescent Hills Cemetery
MAUMEECharlotte ADrayton Plains Cemetery
MAUMEEFrankDrayton Plains Cemetery
MAUMEEFredDrayton Plains Cemetery
MAXWELLJohn HDrayton Plains Cemetery
MAXWELLMilton JohnDrayton Plains Cemetery
MAYERNIKCharles PaulCrescent Hills Cemetery
MAYERNIKOlgaCrescent Hills Cemetery
MAYHEWDonnaWaterford Center Cemetery
MAYWORMCheryl AnnCrescent Hills Cemetery
MAZAMFlorenceDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCANALLYMiltonCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCANELLYNellieCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCANELLYRalph RCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCAULAYLula KayeWaterford Center Cemetery
MCBEATHGeorge WCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCBRIDEWillie BCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCBROOMCharles TDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCBROOMCora IWaterford Center Cemetery
MCBROOMJames FelixWaterford Center Cemetery
MCBROOMMonte IDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCBROOMSarah ElizabethDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCCALLAmandaDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCCALLUMNeva MCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCCARTYBaby BoyWaterford Center Cemetery
MCCLAUGHRYFrank HWaterford Center Cemetery
MCCLAUGHRYJessie EWaterford Center Cemetery
MCCLEARYJames WCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCCLOYJeremy KiethCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCCLOYJoyce ACrescent Hills Cemetery
MCCLOYKurt RussellCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCCLUNEJacklynWaterford Center Cemetery
MCCULLOUGHJoyce AnnDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCCULLOUGHTheodore RCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCCUSKERAmelia WCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCDANIELLee AllenDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCDONALDBrett AlanCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCDONALDEdgar ODrayton Plains Cemetery
MCDONALDJack JCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCDONALDSharon ADrayton Plains Cemetery
MCDOWELLBertFour Towns Cemetery
MCDOWELLDaisy IreneFour Towns Cemetery
MCDOWELLGladys MFour Towns Cemetery
MCDOWELLHenry HarrisonFour Towns Cemetery
MCDOWELLJacqulin HellenWaterford Center Cemetery
MCDOWELLMary BarringerWaterford Center Cemetery
MCDOWELLPatrick HFour Towns Cemetery
MCGEACHYJames IrvinCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCGEACHYLarry LCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCGINNWard DCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCGINNISNancy JCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCGIVERONFlorenceDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCGIVERONGeorge HenryDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCGIVERONNettieDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCGRAWEdith EviaDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCGRAWLeonard GDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCGREGORGeraldine LCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCINNISNeilCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCINNISSybbleCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCINTYREBerthaDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCINTYRETod MalcolmFour Towns Cemetery
MCKEANDJames FDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCKEANDMary Williams ThompsonDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCKEEGertrude GWaterford Center Cemetery
MCKEEWilliam G SrWaterford Center Cemetery
MCKINNEYShawn AveryCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCLEODJoseph EdwinCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCLEODMary JWaterford Center Cemetery
MCMAHANHelen JCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCMAHANLinda SueWaterford Center Cemetery
MCMURRAYLillian Agnes IDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCMURRAYWilliam CDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCNAMARAPaul JamesCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCNAMARAWilliam PaulCrescent Hills Cemetery
MCNEARIreneWaterford Center Cemetery
MCNEARIrene EWaterford Center Cemetery
MCNEILAlexanderDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCNEILBelleDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCNEILDaniel LDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCNEILJames RDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCNEILM LillianDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCNEILMargaret CDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCRATHMina E PalenDrayton Plains Cemetery
MCWILLIAMSCarlton CWaterford Center Cemetery
MEADAnn MariaFour Towns Cemetery
MEADGrace AnnWaterford Center Cemetery
MEADInfant children (3) of H & E CFour Towns Cemetery
MEADRoyal GWaterford Center Cemetery
MEECEKatherine LuellaWaterford Center Cemetery
MEGIVERONDanny LeeCrescent Hills Cemetery
MEHLBERGHelenDrayton Plains Cemetery
MEHLBERGHenry ByronDrayton Plains Cemetery
MEIERAmalie BerthaCrescent Hills Cemetery
MEIERLaurine EdithCrescent Hills Cemetery
MENZERRobert Lee JrCrescent Hills Cemetery
MEPHAMDavid NedDrayton Plains Cemetery
MEPHAMRuth NettieDrayton Plains Cemetery
MERENUKMarvaCrescent Hills Cemetery
MERRILLCharlesWaterford Center Cemetery
MERRILLCharlotteWaterford Center Cemetery
MERRITTWilliam MFour Towns Cemetery
MERRYCharlesDrayton Plains Cemetery
MERRYEdward NelsonDrayton Plains Cemetery
MERRYMinnie CloseDrayton Plains Cemetery
MERRYWEATHEREstella LauraDrayton Plains Cemetery
MERRYWEATHERLeslieDrayton Plains Cemetery
MERRYWEATHERWesleyDrayton Plains Cemetery
MERWINWilbur LWaterford Center Cemetery
MESSERCharles HDrayton Plains Cemetery
MESSERMargaret LDrayton Plains Cemetery
MESTONHarold LeoCrescent Hills Cemetery
MESTONMark EdwardDrayton Plains Cemetery
MESTONMichelle ChristinaDrayton Plains Cemetery
MESTONNora ChristinaDrayton Plains Cemetery
METRICKBaby BoyCrescent Hills Cemetery
MEYERSBeverly JeanDrayton Plains Cemetery
MEYERSHoward LyleDrayton Plains Cemetery
MEYERSMina MaeDrayton Plains Cemetery
MICHELLarry DCrescent Hills Cemetery
MIDDELDORFCharles LFour Towns Cemetery
MIDDLEDORFLena BFour Towns Cemetery
MIELAAmeliaCrescent Hills Cemetery
MILHOLLANDJames LeRoyFour Towns Cemetery
MILHOLLANDLillian LFour Towns Cemetery
MILLERBaby GirlDrayton Plains Cemetery
MILLERCharles JFour Towns Cemetery
MILLERElla MWaterford Center Cemetery
MILLERGrace ACrescent Hills Cemetery
MILLERGregory EwingCrescent Hills Cemetery
MILLERJohn CooleyFour Towns Cemetery
MILLERJoseph LawrenceWaterford Center Cemetery
MILLERMae GregoryDrayton Plains Cemetery
MILLERRobert VCrescent Hills Cemetery
MILLERWilliamDrayton Plains Cemetery
MILLERWilliam JamesCrescent Hills Cemetery
MILLERWilliam JrDrayton Plains Cemetery
MILNEWilliam CCrescent Hills Cemetery
MILTNERArthur CharlesCrescent Hills Cemetery
MILTNERGoldie ECrescent Hills Cemetery
MINHINNICKChris AllenCrescent Hills Cemetery
MINHINNICKThurlo GregoryCrescent Hills Cemetery
MINTONElbert MWaterford Center Cemetery
MINTONRobert LeoWaterford Center Cemetery
MINTONWilliamWaterford Center Cemetery
MIRACLEBrian ACrescent Hills Cemetery
MIRACLESharon ACrescent Hills Cemetery
MISHINKOLaura DaleWaterford Center Cemetery
MISHINKOPatricia AnnWaterford Center Cemetery
MISKINGeorgeDrayton Plains Cemetery
MITCHELL MariahWaterford Village Cemetery
MITCHELLNorman BennettCrescent Hills Cemetery
MITCHELLThomas CharlesCrescent Hills Cemetery
MITCHELLWilfred OCrescent Hills Cemetery
MITTELDORFFrieda AFour Towns Cemetery
MITTELDORFGeorge RFour Towns Cemetery
MITTELDORFLouis CFour Towns Cemetery
MITTLEDORFClarenceFour Towns Cemetery
MITTLEDORFErnest CFour Towns Cemetery
MOLYNEAUXWilliamJWaterford Center Cemetery
MONAHANWilliam AllenCrescent Hills Cemetery
MONCZEWSKILouisDrayton Plains Cemetery
MONETTEAlbert JohnCrescent Hills Cemetery
MONETTEAlbert JohnCrescent Hills Cemetery
MONROEAlta ADrayton Plains Cemetery
MONROEBonnie MDrayton Plains Cemetery
MONROEMonty MarlinDrayton Plains Cemetery
MONROETracy William JrDrayton Plains Cemetery
MONROEWilliam FDrayton Plains Cemetery
MONTGOMERYNellie EWaterford Center Cemetery
MONTGOMERYWilliam AWaterford Center Cemetery
MOONSilasWaterford Village Cemetery
MOONEYArthur ECrescent Hills Cemetery
MOOREBilly RayCrescent Hills Cemetery
MOOREChester CarlCrescent Hills Cemetery
MOOREDaisy MFour Towns Cemetery
MOOREGertrude MDrayton Plains Cemetery
MOOREGrace FWaterford Center Cemetery
MOOREJohn LFour Towns Cemetery
MOOREJune MDrayton Plains Cemetery
MOOREKathleen SusanFour Towns Cemetery
MOOREKenneth LWaterford Center Cemetery
MOORESandra MaeCrescent Hills Cemetery
MOOREThomas PWaterford Center Cemetery
MOORETina MarieCrescent Hills Cemetery
MOOREWilliamDrayton Plains Cemetery
MOOREWilliam FrancisCrescent Hills Cemetery
MORALESJohn VDrayton Plains Cemetery
MORALESLeonDrayton Plains Cemetery
MORGANCecil RCrescent Hills Cemetery
MORGANConnie LynnCrescent Hills Cemetery
MORGANDaisey FWaterford Center Cemetery
MORGANFrank LWaterford Center Cemetery
MORGANLloydCrescent Hills Cemetery
MORGANMable LWaterford Center Cemetery
MORGANMarion CCrescent Hills Cemetery
MORGANRoss AlbertWaterford Center Cemetery
MORINGeorge EarlCrescent Hills Cemetery
MORINNina BelleCrescent Hills Cemetery
MORRISBaby GirlDrayton Plains Cemetery
MORRISBrenda KayDrayton Plains Cemetery
MORRISBurl KennethDrayton Plains Cemetery
MORRISEve VanValkenburgWaterford Center Cemetery
MORRISLewis L JrWaterford Center Cemetery
MORRISMarilyn SueDrayton Plains Cemetery
MORRISRobert OliverCrescent Hills Cemetery
MORROWMackWaterford Center Cemetery
MORSEClell LeRoy MuttCrescent Hills Cemetery
MORSEFred CCrescent Hills Cemetery
MORSEJunior DeeCrescent Hills Cemetery
MORSERobert BenderCrescent Hills Cemetery
MORSERobert BenderCrescent Hills Cemetery
MORTONCharles StuartCrescent Hills Cemetery
MOSHEREva LWaterford Center Cemetery
MOSHERHattie S ColeDrayton Plains Cemetery
MOSHERMildred LouiseDrayton Plains Cemetery
MOSHEROrton JamesWaterford Center Cemetery
MOSHERWilliam EDrayton Plains Cemetery
MOSSHubert RiceCrescent Hills Cemetery
MOSUREEdward LWaterford Center Cemetery
MOWATRobert WilsonDrayton Plains Cemetery
MOWRYRobertWaterford Center Cemetery
MOYERBaby GirlCrescent Hills Cemetery
MOYLEEthel MDrayton Plains Cemetery
MOYLEJohn StanleyDrayton Plains Cemetery
MUIRJames JCrescent Hills Cemetery
MULHOLLANDJames Le RoyFour Towns Cemetery
MULLENLula PCrescent Hills Cemetery
MULLINMarvin GeorgeDrayton Plains Cemetery
MULLINMarvin JayDrayton Plains Cemetery
MUNDELLHarryWaterford Center Cemetery
MURDOCKDrulard BertCrescent Hills Cemetery
MURDOCKHazel I SCrescent Hills Cemetery
MURDOCKJemima PCrescent Hills Cemetery
MURPHYBelva BDrayton Plains Cemetery
MURPHYRussell AFour Towns Cemetery
MUSTONENCurtis LeeCrescent Hills Cemetery
MYERSIsaac TCrescent Hills Cemetery
MYERSLucilleCrescent Hills Cemetery
MYERSMead SDrayton Plains Cemetery
MYERSRachelWaterford Center Cemetery
NAPERSKYElla LDrayton Plains Cemetery
NAPERSKYWalter JDrayton Plains Cemetery
NASHClifford PaulCrescent Hills Cemetery
NASHPearlCrescent Hills Cemetery
NEALBarbara AnnDrayton Plains Cemetery
NEALCarl NCrescent Hills Cemetery
NEALCharles RussellDrayton Plains Cemetery
NEALDonald WDrayton Plains Cemetery
NEALFlorence MCrescent Hills Cemetery
NEALRoberta LCrescent Hills Cemetery
NEBIOLOJohn JCrescent Hills Cemetery
NEDDOJosephWaterford Center Cemetery
NEFFSidney AlbertDrayton Plains Cemetery
NEIDRICHGertrude EWaterford Center Cemetery
NEILMildred PCrescent Hills Cemetery
NEILRandolph MaxwellCrescent Hills Cemetery
NEILRolland RCrescent Hills Cemetery
NELSEYAlmeda ArvilleDrayton Plains Cemetery
NELSEYTinmun MDrayton Plains Cemetery
NELSEYVera EDrayton Plains Cemetery
NELSEYWilliam JDrayton Plains Cemetery
NELSONCarmella MCrescent Hills Cemetery
NELSONFlorida ADrayton Plains Cemetery
NELSONLeonard MartinDrayton Plains Cemetery
NELSONLucille MWaterford Center Cemetery
NELSONVictor ACrescent Hills Cemetery
NELSONWilliam GeorgeDrayton Plains Cemetery
NEUBECKBessie RDrayton Plains Cemetery
NEUBECKJohn SylvesterDrayton Plains Cemetery
NEUBECKLawrence TDrayton Plains Cemetery
NEUENZEELFlorence E DykesCrescent Hills Cemetery
NEWBYArthur HermanCrescent Hills Cemetery
NEWCOMBEdith WWaterford Center Cemetery
NEWCOMBRichard MWaterford Center Cemetery
NEWELLSarah SallyDrayton Plains Cemetery
NEWHALLCaroline ADrayton Plains Cemetery
NEWHALLJames RDrayton Plains Cemetery
NEWKIRKClair OCrescent Hills Cemetery
NEWMANDrettaCrescent Hills Cemetery
NEWMANLewis AWaterford Center Cemetery
NEWPORTAubra ECrescent Hills Cemetery
NEWSBAUMCharles DavidWaterford Center Cemetery
NEWSBAUMLewis DWaterford Center Cemetery
NEWTONFrankCrescent Hills Cemetery
NGUYENHai VanCrescent Hills Cemetery
NICELYBaby BoyDrayton Plains Cemetery
NICHOLASMaryDrayton Plains Cemetery
NICHOLSONAlvin MikeCrescent Hills Cemetery
NICHOLSONSadie HelenCrescent Hills Cemetery
NIGHTINGALEEthelCrescent Hills Cemetery
NIGHTINGALEWilliamCrescent Hills Cemetery
NIXRichard HollisCrescent Hills Cemetery
NIXRichard HollisCrescent Hills Cemetery
NIXONMarianne LFour Towns Cemetery
NORDLINGErnest AWaterford Center Cemetery
NORMANClarence O JrCrescent Hills Cemetery
NORTHBobejien TerryDrayton Plains Cemetery
NORTHROPAbel GWaterford Center Cemetery
NORTHROPMariaWaterford Center Cemetery
NORTONLillian JeanDrayton Plains Cemetery
NORTONWilliam JDrayton Plains Cemetery
NUTTElizabethDrayton Plains Cemetery
NUTTMrs JohnDrayton Plains Cemetery
NUYTTENDorothy ACrescent Hills Cemetery
OBRIENAndrewWaterford Center Cemetery
OBRIENLucy BallowWaterford Center Cemetery
OBRIENMartin EFour Towns Cemetery
OBRIENPearl MayFour Towns Cemetery
OCONNELLAbbitWaterford Center Cemetery
ODDENAnna JCrescent Hills Cemetery
ODDENBaby BoyCrescent Hills Cemetery
ODDENElmer CCrescent Hills Cemetery
ODEAArby LDrayton Plains Cemetery
ODEABertha MayDrayton Plains Cemetery
ODEANicholasDrayton Plains Cemetery
ODONOHUEHazelCrescent Hills Cemetery
OGDENHaroldDrayton Plains Cemetery
OGDENSusanDrayton Plains Cemetery
OGLESEloise MDrayton Plains Cemetery
OHNGRENRussell LeoDrayton Plains Cemetery
OLIVERJohn CCrescent Hills Cemetery
OLIVERKaren LouiseFour Towns Cemetery
OLIVERLinda LeeDrayton Plains Cemetery
OLIVERMarie BerthaCrescent Hills Cemetery
OLIVERRichard AllenCrescent Hills Cemetery
OLLARRosemaryCrescent Hills Cemetery
OLMSTEADAnnaFour Towns Cemetery
OLMSTEADGertrude AFour Towns Cemetery
OLMSTEADHarleyFour Towns Cemetery
OLMSTEADJamesFour Towns Cemetery
OLMSTEADMariaFour Towns Cemetery
OLMSTEADRachel Ann TaylorFour Towns Cemetery
OLMSTEDCharlotte SFour Towns Cemetery
OLMSTEDDyantha SpencerFour Towns Cemetery
OLMSTEDHarley SFour Towns Cemetery
OLMSTEDJames HazaelFour Towns Cemetery
OLMSTEDRosalia RFour Towns Cemetery
OLMSTEDSarah SFour Towns Cemetery
OLSABECKJoseph LDrayton Plains Cemetery
OLSABECKJoseph LeroyDrayton Plains Cemetery
OLSONDorothy WCrescent Hills Cemetery
OLSONDorothy WCrescent Hills Cemetery
OLSONGeorge WilliamDrayton Plains Cemetery
OLSONRoy ECrescent Hills Cemetery
OLSONRudolph MarreamDrayton Plains Cemetery
ONEILMargaret ECrescent Hills Cemetery
ONEILMarvin ThomasCrescent Hills Cemetery
ONTSTADTKennethCrescent Hills Cemetery
OREMJohn WilliamDrayton Plains Cemetery
ORTONBabyDrayton Plains Cemetery
ORVISJohn EWaterford Center Cemetery
ORVISMinervaWaterford Center Cemetery
OSBORNBenjaminDrayton Plains Cemetery
OSBORNRobert ECrescent Hills Cemetery
OSGOODIsabella MarieCrescent Hills Cemetery
OSMUNCatherineDrayton Plains Cemetery
OSMUNFannyDrayton Plains Cemetery
OSMUNIsraelDrayton Plains Cemetery
OSMUNMaryWaterford Village Cemetery
OSMUNOliver H pDrayton Plains Cemetery
OSMUNRebecca GreenDrayton Plains Cemetery
OSMUNWilliamDrayton Plains Cemetery
OSMUNWilliam NDrayton Plains Cemetery
OSTICCharles VernonDrayton Plains Cemetery
OSTRANDErnest ACrescent Hills Cemetery
OSTRANDWayne ECrescent Hills Cemetery
OSTRANDERCelia/ClaraFour Towns Cemetery
OTOOLEFlorence VantineWaterford Center Cemetery
OTTJohn MCrescent Hills Cemetery
OTTZillah MaeCrescent Hills Cemetery
OUSENWARNEREmma JDrayton Plains Cemetery
OVERBYOla MaeDrayton Plains Cemetery
OVERBYOtis OdellDrayton Plains Cemetery
OVERTONEmma JeanDrayton Plains Cemetery
OVERTONOrvilleDrayton Plains Cemetery
OWENC LorindaFour Towns Cemetery
OWENCharlieWaterford Center Cemetery
OWENClarence W SrCrescent Hills Cemetery
OWENClarence W SrCrescent Hills Cemetery
OWENDavidWaterford Center Cemetery
OWENE LWaterford Center Cemetery
OWENFrancis AWaterford Center Cemetery
OWENFrancis LafayetteWaterford Center Cemetery
OWENHenry TFour Towns Cemetery
OWENJane EWaterford Center Cemetery
OWENJohnFour Towns Cemetery
OWENJohn GaryCrescent Hills Cemetery
OWENJohn GaryCrescent Hills Cemetery
OWENLucretiaWaterford Center Cemetery
OWENLuella SusanCrescent Hills Cemetery
OWENLuella SusanCrescent Hills Cemetery
OWENOlive LFour Towns Cemetery
OWENRubyWaterford Center Cemetery
OWENSSophiaWaterford Center Cemetery


PAANANENJohn VictorDrayton Plains Cemetery
PACELinus EWaterford Center Cemetery
PACEPheobe AWaterford Center Cemetery
PACKBaby GirlCrescent Hills Cemetery
PALADINOBaby BoyDrayton Plains Cemetery
PALENJennie GoitDrayton Plains Cemetery
PALENWilliamDrayton Plains Cemetery
PALMERChester EarlCrescent Hills Cemetery
PALMERLowell RCrescent Hills Cemetery
PALMETIERCharlotte EmalynDrayton Plains Cemetery
PANOFFChristinaWaterford Center Cemetery
PANOFFGenevieve RWaterford Center Cemetery
PANOFFMikeWaterford Center Cemetery
PAPIBenjamin JosephDrayton Plains Cemetery
PARENTRobert Melvin JrCrescent Hills Cemetery
PARISFlorence AdaCrescent Hills Cemetery
PARISGustav JohnCrescent Hills Cemetery
PARISJulia ACrescent Hills Cemetery
PARISPreston RCrescent Hills Cemetery
PARKERAnn MarieDrayton Plains Cemetery
PARKERJackCrescent Hills Cemetery
PARKERLillianDrayton Plains Cemetery
PARKINSONEmma LetteWaterford Village Cemetery
PARKINSONThomasWaterford Village Cemetery
PARKSAda MarieWaterford Center Cemetery
PARKSAnna BelleCrescent Hills Cemetery
PARMENTERAlbert AWaterford Center Cemetery
PARMENTERBernadine A MCrescent Hills Cemetery
PARMENTERKenneth RaymondCrescent Hills Cemetery
PARMENTERThesma DWaterford Center Cemetery
PARSHALLCelina EDrayton Plains Cemetery
PARSHALLChester SDrayton Plains Cemetery
PARSHALLClarissaDrayton Plains Cemetery
PARSHALLCullen FDrayton Plains Cemetery
PARSHALLEzra DeWittDrayton Plains Cemetery
PARSHALLFlora ADrayton Plains Cemetery
PARSHALLIra SelbyDrayton Plains Cemetery
PARSHALLJosephDrayton Plains Cemetery
PARSHALLNorman SDrayton Plains Cemetery
PARTELLOBarbara LFour Towns Cemetery
PARTELLOWilliam GFour Towns Cemetery
PASCOLMary AnnCrescent Hills Cemetery
PASSMORECatherine MarthaWaterford Center Cemetery
PASSMOREClarence RWaterford Center Cemetery
PASTORJuliusCrescent Hills Cemetery
PATRIXGeorge WilliamCrescent Hills Cemetery
PATTERSONAlva LWaterford Center Cemetery
PAYNEBaby GirlFour Towns Cemetery
PAYNERosaWaterford Center Cemetery
PEARCEEdna FWaterford Center Cemetery
PEARCEGeorgeWaterford Center Cemetery
PEARCEPrudenceWaterford Center Cemetery
PEARSALLLloyd RaymondCrescent Hills Cemetery
PEELShawn WilliamCrescent Hills Cemetery
PELTONArdelia L ButtonFour Towns Cemetery
PELTONIvy WFour Towns Cemetery
PELTONVaughn WFour Towns Cemetery
PELTONWheaton SFour Towns Cemetery
PELTONWilliam HFour Towns Cemetery
PENNINGERMelody GayDrayton Plains Cemetery
PENNYClara ECrescent Hills Cemetery
PENNYEdward LCrescent Hills Cemetery
PENNYJames EWaterford Center Cemetery
PENOYERAlma EDrayton Plains Cemetery
PENOYERCasper EDrayton Plains Cemetery
PENOYERGeorge HDrayton Plains Cemetery
PENOYERLucilleDrayton Plains Cemetery
PERKINSLeon IraWaterford Center Cemetery
PERKINSRosemary VictoriaWaterford Center Cemetery
PERKINSVictoriaWaterford Center Cemetery
PERRETTEdwin LDrayton Plains Cemetery
PERRYChristopher LeeCrescent Hills Cemetery
PERRYHenryFour Towns Cemetery
PERRYIsabelleFour Towns Cemetery
PERSFULCorneliusDrayton Plains Cemetery
PERSFULMazie DelmarDrayton Plains Cemetery
PERSONSBlanche EWaterford Center Cemetery
PERSONSBonnie SueWaterford Center Cemetery
PETCHNIKMarieWaterford Center Cemetery
PETERSPierce VCrescent Hills Cemetery
PETERSWalter JrWaterford Center Cemetery
PETERSENGeorgeCrescent Hills Cemetery
PETERSENKatherine CCrescent Hills Cemetery
PETRIEArthur LWaterford Center Cemetery
PETRIEMina MWaterford Center Cemetery
PETTIEAlice ElizabethFour Towns Cemetery
PETTITCharlesFour Towns Cemetery
PETTITFrances DCrescent Hills Cemetery
PETTITGeorge HFour Towns Cemetery
PETTITMichael GeorgeFour Towns Cemetery
PETTITPercyFour Towns Cemetery
PETTITViola AFour Towns Cemetery
PFAFFDavid BDrayton Plains Cemetery
PHELPSJames EFour Towns Cemetery
PHELPSRobin LFour Towns Cemetery
PHILLIPPEDaniel JoeWaterford Center Cemetery
PHILLIPSAlice MDrayton Plains Cemetery
PHILLIPSElkanah WDrayton Plains Cemetery
PHILLIPSGeorge BDrayton Plains Cemetery
PHILLIPSManuel RDrayton Plains Cemetery
PHILLIPSMary A TobinDrayton Plains Cemetery
PHILLIPSRobert LCrescent Hills Cemetery
PHILLIPSSarah ADrayton Plains Cemetery
PIASECZNYStanislaw JCrescent Hills Cemetery
PIERCEElvieWaterford Center Cemetery
PIERCEGeorgeWaterford Center Cemetery
PIERCEIra BFour Towns Cemetery
PIERCEJames AWaterford Center Cemetery
PIERCELetha CCrescent Hills Cemetery
PIERCELillian MFour Towns Cemetery
PIERCEOrin LCrescent Hills Cemetery
PIERCEWilliam CCrescent Hills Cemetery
PIETZTonyCrescent Hills Cemetery
PIKEDaughter of O HFour Towns Cemetery
PIKEVernon ECrescent Hills Cemetery
PILCHERLotan WarrenWaterford Center Cemetery
PILCHERRuth EWaterford Center Cemetery
PILKENTONAlice SDrayton Plains Cemetery
PILKINGTONMabel EWaterford Center Cemetery
PINERichard HarveyDrayton Plains Cemetery
PINESLester DCrescent Hills Cemetery
PINKHAMCharles CaswellWaterford Center Cemetery
PINKHAMStella MaeWaterford Center Cemetery
PITTBertFour Towns Cemetery
PITTNellieFour Towns Cemetery
PLANKDavidDrayton Plains Cemetery
PLANKDavidDrayton Plains Cemetery
PLANKMary Molly CummiskeyDrayton Plains Cemetery
PLUMMERPaul StevenCrescent Hills Cemetery
POEClaude ACrescent Hills Cemetery
POLENSKIWilma JoyceCrescent Hills Cemetery
POLLARIHulda MarieCrescent Hills Cemetery
POLLOCKBryan CharlesCrescent Hills Cemetery
POMEROYRobert LeeWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETAmeliaWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETArthurWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETEllen JosephineWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETErwinWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETHarold AWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETHarryWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETHazelWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETJohn JWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETJosephWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETLeonard JosephWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETMarionWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETNellieWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETSarah JWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETWalter JWaterford Center Cemetery
POMFRETWilliamWaterford Center Cemetery
POOLECarrie MayDrayton Plains Cemetery
POOLEJohn EDrayton Plains Cemetery
POPEOlive MaryCrescent Hills Cemetery
POPEWilliam F GeorgeCrescent Hills Cemetery
POPPAlice MWaterford Center Cemetery
POPPEdward CharlesWaterford Center Cemetery
PORTERGwen DavisCrescent Hills Cemetery
POSTALMayWaterford Center Cemetery
POTTERBlaine FredCrescent Hills Cemetery
POTTERCarla JeanCrescent Hills Cemetery
POTTERElla Ruth AliceCrescent Hills Cemetery
POTTERHarold BCrescent Hills Cemetery
POTTERJoan ICrescent Hills Cemetery
POTTERMax HCrescent Hills Cemetery
POWELLLeslie HCrescent Hills Cemetery
POWICHMitrofanDrayton Plains Cemetery
PRATTKeith AdairCrescent Hills Cemetery
PRATTVerda ICrescent Hills Cemetery
PRATTVirginia DWaterford Center Cemetery
PREDMORECaroline ADrayton Plains Cemetery
PRELLAnn VDrayton Plains Cemetery
PRELLClarence RobertDrayton Plains Cemetery
PRESNELLLawrenceFour Towns Cemetery
PRESNELLNancy AFour Towns Cemetery
PRESNELLPaulineFour Towns Cemetery
PRICEJames CorbinCrescent Hills Cemetery
PRICELawrence JasonCrescent Hills Cemetery
PRINCEAdolph JamesWaterford Center Cemetery
PRINCEStanley RobertWaterford Center Cemetery
PRINGLEInfantDrayton Plains Cemetery
PRISMALLMartha AnnDrayton Plains Cemetery
PROTIVARobert RussellCrescent Hills Cemetery
PROULXMelton WesleyDrayton Plains Cemetery
PROVINSBaby BoyCrescent Hills Cemetery
PRUDHOMMEBaby GirlCrescent Hills Cemetery
PRUEMarthaDrayton Plains Cemetery
PUGLISEJames FCrescent Hills Cemetery
PUGLISEJessie ClarkCrescent Hills Cemetery
PURDYBeatrice EdithDrayton Plains Cemetery
PURDYClayton CarlDrayton Plains Cemetery
PURDYGary GDrayton Plains Cemetery
PURDYJoy EDrayton Plains Cemetery
PURKSMargaret MCrescent Hills Cemetery
QUACKENBUSHI EugeneCrescent Hills Cemetery
QUACKENBUSHI EugeneCrescent Hills Cemetery
QUACKENBUSHLarry ECrescent Hills Cemetery
QUACKENBUSHLarry ECrescent Hills Cemetery
QUACKENBUSHRosie MCrescent Hills Cemetery
QUACKENBUSHRosie MCrescent Hills Cemetery
QUEENJack Garland JrCrescent Hills Cemetery
QUICKFlorence LDrayton Plains Cemetery
QUICKWard ADrayton Plains Cemetery
RABAJAFelipe BCrescent Hills Cemetery
RADUNZHerbert RCrescent Hills Cemetery
RADUNZMadelineCrescent Hills Cemetery
RAGSDALEMilburnCrescent Hills Cemetery
RAGSDALEMillie MCrescent Hills Cemetery
RAHNGeraldCrescent Hills Cemetery
RAKESJames EWaterford Center Cemetery
RAMSEYCharles CliffordWaterford Center Cemetery
RAMSEYMargaretWaterford Center Cemetery
RANNEYLizieWaterford Center Cemetery
RANSOMEnos NFour Towns Cemetery
RANSOMLucy AnnFour Towns Cemetery
RAPSONThomas IrwinCrescent Hills Cemetery
RATHBUNHiram HCrescent Hills Cemetery
RAWLINGSJohn ArnoldCrescent Hills Cemetery
RAWSONFreemanCrescent Hills Cemetery
RAYWilma MCrescent Hills Cemetery
RAYMONDClementFour Towns Cemetery
RAYNARDFrederick JamesCrescent Hills Cemetery
RAYNARDReuben JCrescent Hills Cemetery
RECTORLouis PDrayton Plains Cemetery
RECTORPheobe AnnDrayton Plains Cemetery
REDDISHAnnaCrescent Hills Cemetery
REDKERAndrew HWaterford Center Cemetery
REDKERFrank SWaterford Center Cemetery
REDKERGeraldWaterford Center Cemetery
REDKERJackie WilliamWaterford Center Cemetery
REDMANKirkland DeanCrescent Hills Cemetery
REEDDaniel BDrayton Plains Cemetery
REEDMary Ann RichmanWaterford Center Cemetery
REEDSarah BottDrayton Plains Cemetery
REESEEverett LCrescent Hills Cemetery
REESEHelen May HainesCrescent Hills Cemetery
REEVESMichael EugeneCrescent Hills Cemetery
REGELMANMrs G ADrayton Plains Cemetery
REICHFrederick WolfordCrescent Hills Cemetery
REIDCharlesWaterford Center Cemetery
REIDCharles HDrayton Plains Cemetery
REIDDeLores MCrescent Hills Cemetery
REIDLouisaWaterford Center Cemetery
REIMANJoseph StephenCrescent Hills Cemetery
REINHARTRalph E JrCrescent Hills Cemetery
REINHARTRalph E JrCrescent Hills Cemetery
REMLEYMcClellanWaterford Center Cemetery
RETANJohnFour Towns Cemetery
RETANMargaretFour Towns Cemetery
RETZLAFFEarl FWaterford Center Cemetery
REXFORDEugene DexterCrescent Hills Cemetery
REXFORDHelen GladysCrescent Hills Cemetery
REXFORDHoward EugeneCrescent Hills Cemetery
REXFORDLynn DexterCrescent Hills Cemetery
REXFORDMarian ElnoraCrescent Hills Cemetery
REXFORDMary ElizabethCrescent Hills Cemetery
REYNOLDSErnest LDrayton Plains Cemetery
REYNOLDSHoward JCrescent Hills Cemetery
REYNOLDSMamieDrayton Plains Cemetery
REYNOLDSRansomWaterford Center Cemetery
RHYNDRESSDavid ScottDrayton Plains Cemetery
RHYNDRESSLisa JoyDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICEDelores M CrowleyWaterford Center Cemetery
RICEGertrudeCrescent Hills Cemetery
RICEHomer JCrescent Hills Cemetery
RICEKenneth ErwinDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICEManley DavidDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICEMary A RobisonDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICHARDSWilliam DDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICHARDSONAnnie LockDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICHARDSONCarlos GeorgeDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICHARDSONCharles WilburDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICHARDSONDonaldDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICHARDSONGeorgeDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICHARDSONGeorge HDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICHARDSONJohn HDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICHARDSONMabel HDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICHLINGGoria JeanDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICHMANHarold SWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMANHenry SWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMANLavina EWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMANMarvin LamarrWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMANMary IdaWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMANOney JWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMANOney JeromeWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDAaron BWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDAmanda AWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDArthurWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDArthurWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDBelindaWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDCarolineWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDDollieWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDEdwardWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDEva CeliaWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDFannieWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDGeorgeWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDGeorge MDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICHMONDHelenWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDHenry JWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDLorin LWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDMary Ellen OsmunDrayton Plains Cemetery
RICHMONDRobert ECrescent Hills Cemetery
RICHMONDWestcottWaterford Center Cemetery
RICHMONDWinifred WindiateDrayton Plains Cemetery
RIDDLEJames CCrescent Hills Cemetery
RIDDLESherry JoCrescent Hills Cemetery
RIDGLEYMay BCrescent Hills Cemetery
RIDLEYJanis LeaCrescent Hills Cemetery
RIGEDENClara B SimpsonWaterford Center Cemetery
RIGELMANGeorgia ADrayton Plains Cemetery
RIGELMANJessie MDrayton Plains Cemetery
RIGELMANWillard JDrayton Plains Cemetery
RIGELMANWillis MarionDrayton Plains Cemetery
RIGOTTIAnnaDrayton Plains Cemetery
RIGOTTIFerdinand SrDrayton Plains Cemetery
RIGOTTIKatherineDrayton Plains Cemetery
RIGSBYLeroyCrescent Hills Cemetery
RIKERFrankDrayton Plains Cemetery
RILEYGregory JCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROARKCharles WilliamDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROATJohn JDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROATMargaretDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROBBAnna FrenchDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROBBSamuel VDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROBBINSBarbara GailCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROBBINSDaniel VDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROBBINSJerome WDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROBBINSMary E MoonDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROBERTSEdward G WCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROBERTSEugene WCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROBERTSGeorge FrancisDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROBERTSGordon LCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROBERTSHilda MargaretCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROBERTSLucileDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROBERTSPhoebe EllenDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROBERTSONGeorgeWaterford Village Cemetery
ROBERTSONGeorgeWaterford Village Cemetery
ROBERTSONLewisWaterford Village Cemetery
ROBERTSONSarah OWaterford Village Cemetery
ROBERTSONVernon CCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROBERTSONVioletWaterford Village Cemetery
ROBINSONDonna LeeWaterford Center Cemetery
ROBINSONEugene ECrescent Hills Cemetery
ROBINSONJohn SCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROBISONMary ADrayton Plains Cemetery
ROBLINWinton KCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROCHONVirginia BDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROCKWELLCarol DCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROCKWELLCarol DCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROCKWELLEdwardCrescent Hills Cemetery
RODDENDavid LCrescent Hills Cemetery
RODDENIreneCrescent Hills Cemetery
RODDENMack EllisCrescent Hills Cemetery
RODDEWIGGil FCrescent Hills Cemetery
RODDEWIGWilliam FCrescent Hills Cemetery
RODENSLABENFredWaterford Center Cemetery
RODENSLABENFritzWaterford Center Cemetery
RODENSLABENLucyWaterford Center Cemetery
RODERDavid JWaterford Center Cemetery
RODERJean BWaterford Center Cemetery
RODNEYVictoria CDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROEIda MaeDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROEWilliam JDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROGERSCora Bell HanesDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROGERSEllaDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROGERSEmily MCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROGERSFane TCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROGERSNellie HargerDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROGERSSamuelDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROGERSSchuyler D SrCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROGERSThomas SydneyDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROLISONAnnaDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROLISONNarren HDrayton Plains Cemetery
RONDOSandra AleeneCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROOTCalvin LDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROOTFlora AliceCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROOTGerald LeGrandCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROOTMaxine LDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROOTRoxanneDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROSAOrin JCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROSEBertha LCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROSEIrving LeroyDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROSEJoseph CelestineCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROSELester MartinCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROSELyle IrvingDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROSERonald LeroyDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROSEGARTPhyllis EloiseCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROSENGRENGordon FCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROSSLillian JoyCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROSSERBaby BoyCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROTRAMELRobert FCrescent Hills Cemetery
ROWEAmie S CapronWaterford Center Cemetery
ROWEBenjamin EdwardWaterford Center Cemetery
ROWEEddieWaterford Center Cemetery
ROWEGeorgeDrayton Plains Cemetery
ROWEHarlan PageWaterford Center Cemetery
ROWEWilliam CapronWaterford Center Cemetery
ROWENRobin RadCrescent Hills Cemetery
RUELLEJoseph BertDrayton Plains Cemetery
RUELLEMargaret EDrayton Plains Cemetery
RUSSClydeDrayton Plains Cemetery
RUSSHildred MaryDrayton Plains Cemetery
RUTTERBUSHCharles JWaterford Center Cemetery
RUTTERBUSHMark BradleyWaterford Center Cemetery
RUTTERBUSHStella AWaterford Center Cemetery
RUTTERBUSHVictor PWaterford Center Cemetery
RYANAllan BarrickDrayton Plains Cemetery

Genealogy and Local History



Genealogy and Local History