Verse Fiction

Title Author Year Call Number
Who Will Tell My Brother? Carvell, Marlene 2002 YAPB Carvell
You Remind Me of You: a Poetry Memoir Corrigan, Eireann 2002 YAPB Corrigan
Splintering Corrigan, Eireann 2004 YAPB Corrigan
After the Death of Anna Gonzales Fields, Terri 2002 YA Fiction Fields
The Taking of Room 114: A Hostage Drama in Poems Glenn, Mel 1997 YA Fiction Glenn
Who Killed Mr. Chippendale? A Mystery in Poems Glenn, Mel 1996 YA Fiction Glenn
Things Left Unsaid: a Novel in Poems Hemphill, Stephanie 2005 YA Fiction Hemphill
Out of the Dust Hesse, Karen 1997 YA Fiction Hesse
Crank Hopkins, Ellen 2004 YAPB Hopkins
Brimstone Journals Koertge, Ronald 2001 YA Fiction Koertge
The Realm of Possibility Levithan, David 2004 YA Fiction Levithan
Stop Pretending: What Happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy Sones, Sonya 1999 YA Fiction Sones
What My Mother Doesn't Know Sones, Sonya 2001 YAPB Sones
One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies Sones, Sonya 2004 YA Fiction Sones
Girl Coming in For a Landing: a Novel in Poems Wayland, April Halprin 2002 YA Fiction Wayland
Make Lemonade Wolff, Virginia Euwer 1993 YA Fiction Wolff
True Believer Wolff, Virginia Euwer 2001 YA Fiction Wolff