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Toilet Training

Children's Books

Author Title Call Number
--------------   My Potty Book for Boys J649.62 M
--------------  My Potty Book for Girls J649.62 M
Allison, Alida Toddler's Potty Book JE Baby Book A
Cole, Joanna My Big Boy Potty J649.62 C
Cole, Joanna My Big Girl Potty J649.62 Cole
Cole, Joanna Your New Potty J649.62 C
Ford, Bernette No More Diapers for Ducky! JE Ford Bernette
Frankel, Alona Once upon a Potty: Boy J649.62 F
Frankel, Alona Once upon a Potty: Girl J649.62 F
Lansky, Bruce Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Tot J649.62 Lans
Miller, Virginia On Your Potty! JE Baby Book M
Murkoff, Heidi What to Expect When You Use the Potty J649.62 M
-------------- Potty Time JE Baby Book P
Sawyer, Parker Potty Time! J649.62 Pott
Ross, Tony I Want My Potty JE Ross
Sears, William M.D. You Can Go to the Potty J649.62 S
Van Genechten, Guido Potty Time J649.62 V
Willems, Mo Time to Pee! J649.62 W

Parent Resources

Crane, Teri Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day 649.62 Cran
North, Julia Johnson's Potty Training 649.62 J
Lansky, Vicki Toilet Training:
A Practical Guide to Daytime and Nighttime Training
649.62 L
Lekovic, Jill Diaper-Free Before 3 649.62 Leko
Warren, Katie Potty Training Your Baby 649.62 Warr
Wolraich, Mark American Academy of Pediatrics
Guide to Toilet-Training
649.62 W



Alona Frankel's Once Upon a Potty for Her

J649.62 O & JDVD J649.62 Cole


Alona Frankel's Once Upon a Potty for Him

J649.62 O & JDVD J649.62 Cole


It’s Potty Time

Video 649.62 I
-------------- No More Diapers DVD 649.62 No

Booklist Created by Sara Fiellman, Children's Librarian