Technology Update - September 2011

Picture of grant computer

This past year, Waterford was one of a number of area libraries to receive funding to purchase new computers through the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program. This program combined federal stimulus funding with local dollars to allow us to replace a number of our older Internet computers with new computers to provide improved access to the Internet for our library users. One of the new grant computers is shown to the right. You'll find these new computers in our Children's area where they replaced computers that were over 6 years old. These new computers have 19" monitors and run Windows 7, the most current version of Windows available. 

Twenty of the 22 adult area Internet computers have also been upgraded to Windows 7. These upgrades were made possible, in part, by a special donation program for public libraries. Microsoft allows public libraries to purchase licenses for Windows far below the retail price through this program. This allowed the library to purchase enough licenses for Windows 7 to upgrade all of our public computers while saving a significant amount of money for the library. This upgrade to Windows 7 allows us to provide a more stable and secure experience for the public using our Internet computers. The two remaining Internet computers in the Adult area will be upgraded to Windows 7 in the very near future.