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So You Want to Go Into Business?


Books on the topic of small business


Belew, Shannon.  Starting an Online Business All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies. c2006
Call Number: 658.872 Bele

Christian, Lyn.  The Entrepreneur Starter Kit:: expert  insights into small business success! [audiobook on cd] c2006
Call Number CD 658.1 Chri

Christy, Janet W.  Capitalizing on Being Woman Owned: Expert Advice for Women Who Have or are Starting Their Own Business.  c2006
Call Number: 658.008 Chri

DeLuca, Fred. Start small, finish big : fifteen key lessons to start--and run--your own successful business. c2000.
Call Number: 658.041 D

Gottry, Steven R.  Common Sense Business: Starting, Operating, and Growing your Small Business—in any economy!  c2005.
Call Number: 658.022 Gott

Haman, Edward A. How to start a business in Michigan. C2004.
Call Number: 346.774 H 2004

Harrington, Judith B.  The Everything Start Your Own Business Book: from financing to making your first sale, all you need to get your business off the ground.  c2006
Call Number:  658.022 Harr

Jaffe, Azriela. Let's go into business together : 8 secrets to successful business partnering. c2001.
Call Number: 658.042 J

Kirk, Randy W.  Running a 21st Century Small Business: the owner’s guide to starting and growing your company.  c2006
Call Number: 658.022 Kirk

Lesonsky, Rieva.  Start  your own business: the only startup book you’ll ever need. c2007.
Call Number: 658.041 L

Manning, Lloyd R., 1930- What's it  worth? : a guide to valuing a small business. c2000.
Avoid the pitfalls and hazards of buying or selling a business.
Call Number: 658.15 M

Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center.  Guide to Starting a Small Business. c2007
Call Number: 658.022 Mich 2007

Norman, Jan. What no one ever tells you about starting your own business. c2004.
Call Number: 658.041 B

Rich, Jason.  The Unofficial Guide to Starting a Business Online.  c2006.
Call Number: 658.8 Rich

Rogak, Lisa.  The 100 Best Businesses to Start When you Don’t Want to Work Hard Anymore.  c2004.
Call Number: 658.1 Roga

Seid, Michael.  Franchising for Dummies.  c2006
Call Number: 658.8708 Seid

Strauss, Steven D.  The Small Business Bible: everything you need to know to succeed in your small business  [audiobook on cd]  c2007
Call Number: CD 658.022 Stra

Business Plans

Business plans handbook : a compilation of actual business plans developed by small businesses throughout North America. c1998.
Call Number: REF 658.401 B 1998 V 5

Business plans made E-Z. c2000.
Call Number: 658.4 B

Debelak, Don.  Perfect Phrases for Business Proposals and Business Plans: hundreds of ready-to-use phrases for winning new clients, launching new products, and getting the funding you need.  c2006.
Call Number: 658.152

McKeever, Mike P. How to write a business plan c2007.
Call Number: 658.152 M 2007

Timmons, Jeffrey A. Business plans that  work : a guide for small businesses.  c2004.
Call Number: 658.401 T


Burk, James E.  Financing Your Small Business.  c2006
Call Number: 658.15 Burk

Fallek, Max.  Finding money for your small business. c2003.
Call Number: 658.159 F

Fullen, Sharon.  How to Get the Financing for Your New Small Business.  c2007
Call Number: 658.15 Full

Gladstone, David. Venture capital handbook: an entrepreneur's guide to raising venture capital. Updated and rev. ed. 2002.
Call Number: 658.15 G

Norman, Jan.  What No One ever Tells You About Financing Your Own Business: real-life financing advice from 101 successful entrepreneurs.  c2005
Call Number: 658.15 Norm


Frasier, Lynne Ann, 1957- The small business legal guide : the critical legal matters affecting your business. c1998.
Call Number: 658.022 F 

Haman, Edward A. How to start a business in Michigan. c2004.
Call Number: 346.774 H 2004

Steingold, Fred.  The Legal Guide for Starting and Running A Small Business.
Call Number:  346.73 Stei


Ivens, Kathy. QuickBooks 2005 : the official guide. c2005.
Call Number: 657.02 I

Siegel, Joel G.  Accounting Handbook.  c2006
Call Number:  657 Sieg

Sitarz, Dan . Small business accounting simplified. c2002.
Call Number: 654.907 S

Tracy, John A.  Accounting for Dummies.  c2005
Call Number: 657 T


Brown, Paul B.  Your Attention, Please: how to appeal to today’s distracted, disinterested, disengaged, disenchanted, and busy consumer.  c2006
Call Number: 659.1 Brow

Schultz, Don E.  Sales Promotion Essentials: the 10 basic sales promotion techniques—and how to use them.  c1998
Call Number: 658.82 Schu 


Beckwith, Harry. What clients love : A field guide to growing your own business. c2003.
Call Number: 658.802 B

Mourkogiannis, Nikos. Purpose: the starting point of great companies.  c2006
Call Number: 658.401 Mour

Small business sourcebook. 2 v. C2003.
Call Number: REF 658.022S

Stewart, Martha.  The Martha Rules: 10 essentials for achieving success as you start, build, or manage a business.  c2005
Call Number: 658.11 S

Thaler, John.  The Elements of Small Business: a lay person’s guide to the financial terms, marketing concepts and legal forms that every entrepreneur needs.  c2005
Call Number: 658.041 Thal

Home Based Business

Jones, Katina Z.  The 200 Best Home Businesses: easy to start, fun to run, highly profitable.  c2005
Call Number: 658.041 J  

Specific Types of  Businesses

Brabec, Barbara. Crafts Business Answer Book: starting, managing, and marketing a homebased arts, crafts, or design business.  C2006
Call Number: 745.506 Brab

Davis, Charlene. Start your own clothing store and more: children’s, bridal, vintage, consignment. C2007
 Call Number: 687.068 Davi
Dell, Owen. How to start a home-based landscaping business. C2006
 Call Number: 712.068 Dell

Jorstad, Laura.  How to Start  a Home-based Housecleaning Business  c2006
Call Number: 648.506 J

Lemaire, Cindy.  Start & Run an Event Planning Business.  c2005.
Call Number: 394.2 Fost

Lynn, Jacquelyn. Start Your Own Restaurant and Five Other Food Businesses: your step-by-step guide to success.  c2006
Call Number:  647.95 Lynn

Lynn, Jacquelyn. Start your own child-care service: your step-by-step guide to success. c2006
 Call Number: 362.712 Lynn
Lynn, Jacquelyn. Start your own senior services business: your step by step guide to success. C2006
Call Number: 362.6068 Lynn

Mohr, Angie. Start & Run a Bookkeeping Business.  C2006
Call Number: 657.2 Mohr

Peters, Amy Jean. Start your own wedding consultant business. C2007
Call Number: 392.5068 Pete

Sandlin, Eileen.  Start your own lawn care business.  C2003
Call Number: 635.9647 Sand

Sandlin, Eileen.  Start your own automobile detailing business: your step by step guide to success.  C2005
Call Number: 629.287 S

Smith, Jim. How to Start a Home-based Web Design Business.  C2007
Call Number:  658.84 Smit

Vivaldo, Denise. How to Start a Home-based Catering business. C2006
Call Number: 642.406 Viva
White, Sarah. Start & run a handyman business. C2005
Call Number: 643.706 W