Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Readalikes

Title Author Call Number
The Bridesmaid Abbott, Hailey YAPB Abbott
Hope Was Here Bauer, Joan YA Fiction Bauer
Rules of the Road Bauer, Joan YA Fiction/YAPB Bauer
The Princess and the Pauper Brian, Kate YA Fiction/YAPB Brian
All-American Girl Cabot, Meg YAPB Cabot
Princess Diaries (series) Cabot, Meg YA Fiction/YAPB Cabot
Walk Two Moons Creech, Sharon YA Fiction Creech
Keeping the Moon Dessen, Sarah YAPB Dessen
The Truth About Forever Dessen, Sarah YA Fiction Dessen
The True Meaning of Cleavage Fredericks, Mariah YAPB Fredericks
Mates, Dates and ... (series) Hopkins, Cathy YAPB Hopkins
Love and Other 4 Letter Words Mackler, Carolyn YAPB Mackler
Sloppy Firsts McCafferty, Megan YA Fiction McCafferty
Stop Pretending Sones, Sonya YA Fiction/YAPB Sones
What My Mother Doesn't Know Sones, Sonya YA Fiction Sones
Stargirl Spinelli, Jerry YA Fiction Spinelli
Flipped Van Draanan, Wendelin YA Fiction Van Draanan
Girls in Love (series) Wilson, Jacqueline YA Fiction Wilson
Zig Zag Wittlinger, Ellen YA Fiction Wittlinger