Short Stories

Title Call Number Note
Skin YA Fiction Dahl A collection of Roald Dahl's short stories for teens.
Every Man for Himself: ten short stories about being a guy YA Fiction Every A great selection of honest and real stories about everyday guys who get pummeled by some life lessons and still manage to come out on top.
Face Relations: 11 stories about seeing beyong color YA Fiction Face Contemporary teens grapple with the issue of interracial communication in this anthology.
Who am I Without Him? : short stories about girls and the boys in their lives YA Fiction Flake Teens laugh, cry, scheme, and dream about the opposite sex in this short-story collection.
Gothic!: ten original dark tales YA Fiction Gothic Stories that share a love of the surreal or supernatural.
Make Me Over: 11 stories of transformation YA Fiction Make Stories where the characters use transformation to find their true selves.
Sixteen: stories about that sweet and bitter birthday YA Fiction Sixteen A collection of short stories that captures all of the angst, drama, and wonder of that oddly important milestone age.
Oddballs: stories YAPB Sleator Stories based on experiences from the author's youth and peopled with an unusual assortment of family and friends.
13: thirteen stories that capture the agony and ecstasy of being thirteen YA Fiction Thirteen It's an age of wonder ... or dread. The best year of your life ... or maybe the worst ever.
What a Song Can Do: 12 riffs on the power of music YA Fiction What Twelve stories describe the power of music in young people's lives.