Realistic Fiction for Boys

(Boys as Main Characters)

The following books are located on the back wall of the children's department. 
They are on the shelf alphabetically by the author's last name.

Adler, David Many Troubles of Andy Russell
Alford , Jan I Can't Believe I Have to Do This
Atinsky,  Steve Tyler on Prime Time
Avi                                        Nothing But the Truth
Bauer, Marion Dane On My Honor
Betancourt, Jeanne My Name is Brian
Blackwood, Gary Wild Timothy
Bledsoe, Lucy Big Bike Race
Blume, Judy Double Fudge
Blume, Judy Fudge-a-mania
Blume, Judy Superfudge
Blume, Judy Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing
Bonners, Susan Above and Beyond
Bonners, Susan Silver Balloon
Brisson, Pat Bertie's Picture Day
Brooks, Bruce What Hearts
Brooks, Bruce Throwing Smoke
Bruchac, Joseph Heart of a Chief
Bunting, Eve Blackwater
Bunting, Eve Some Frog!
Bunting, Eve The Hideout
Bunting,  Eve The In-Between Days
Bunting, Eve Summer of Riley
Byars, Betsy Bingo Brown -- dif. stories
Byars, Betsy Goodbye Chicken Little
Byars, Betsy Seven Treasure Hunts
Byars, Betsy Tornado
Cameron, Ann More Stories Huey Tells
Carey, Janet Wenny Has Wings
Carmi, Daniella Samir and Yonatan
Carris, Joan Pets, Vets, and Marty Howard
Christopher, Matt Sports Stories -- various titles
Clements, Andrew The Jacket
Clements, Andrew Jake Drake -- various stories
Clements, Andrew A Week in the Woods
Clifford, Eth Harvey's Horrible Snake Disaster
Coman, Carolyn What Jamie Saw
Conford, Ellen Why Me?
Cooney, Doug Beloved Dearly
Cummings, Priscilla Autumn Journey
Danziger, Paula Make Like a Tree and Leave
Danziger, Paula Everyone Else's Parents Said Yes
Derby, Pat Grams, Her Boyfriend, My Family & Me
Duffey, Betsy Fur-Ever Yours, Booker Jones
Ellis, Ella Swimming with the Whales
Fenner, Carol King of Dragons
Fletcher, Ralph Uncle Daddy
Fox, Paula Monkey Island
Giff, Patricia Reilly Shark in School
Gilson, Jamie Soccer Circus
Gilson, Jamie Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub
Graeber, Charlotte Fudge
Graff, Nancy A Long Way Home
Greene, Stephanie Owen Foote -- various stories
Greer, Gerry This Island Isn't Big Enough for the Four of Us
Gorman,  Carol Dork on the Run
Haas,  Jessie Shaper
Hansen, Joyce One True Friend
Herman, Gail Just Like Mike
Hershenhorn, Esther Confessions & Secrets of Howard Fingerhut
Honeycutt, Natalie Granville Jones: Commando
Hurwitz, Johanna Hot and Cold Summer
Johnston, Tony Any Small Goodness
Kjelgaard, Jim Big Red
Kroll, Steven Gone Fishing                 (JIF)
Lindquist, Susan Wander
Lynch, Chris Extreme Elvin
Maguire, Gregory Oasis
Manes, Stephen Make Four Million by Next Thursday
Miles, Betty Sink or Swim
Mills, Claudia Losers, Inc.
Mills, Claudia Seven Times Nine Equals Trouble
Moore, Martha Matchit
Myers, Walter Dean Somewhere in the Darkness
Namioka,  Lensey Yang the Youngest & His Terrible Ear
Napoli, Donna Jo Shelly Shock
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Shiloh (trilogy)
Park, Barbara Graduation of Jake Moon
Petersen, P.J. I Hate Weddings
Pryor, Bonnie Plum Tree War
Pryor, Bonnie Toenails, Tonsils, and Tornadoes
Reuter, Bjarne Buster's World
Rodowsky, Colby Jason Rat-a-tat
Roos, Stephen Recycling George
Shalant, Phyllis Beware of Kissing Lizard Lips
Sheldon, Dyan My Brother is a Superhero
Shreve, Susan Joshua T. Bates Takes Charge
Shreve, Susan Trout and Me
Siebold, Jan Doing Time Online
Siebold, Jan Rope Burn
Slote, Alfred Finding Buck McHenry
Slote, Alfred Make-Believe Ball Player
Smith, Mark Pay Attention, Slosh!
Sonenklar, Carol Mighty Boy
Spinelli, Jerry Crash
Spinelli, Jerry Fourth Grade Rats
Warner, Sally Dog Years
Warner, Sally Some Friend
Weaver, Will Farm Team
Weeks, Sarah Guy Wire
Weeks, Sarah My Guy
Woodruff, Elvira Dear Napoleon, I Know You're Dead....