Public Internet Access

The Waterford Township Public Library offers free Public Internet Access for persons with wireless-enabled portable computers, eletronic devices and smart phones. This service allows you to quickly and easily connect to the Internet anywhere within the Library.

This service provides a way to access the same Internet resources available from our Public Internet, Database and Online Catalog computers from the convenience of your own computer or PDA. This service also allows you to connect to Internet resources that may not be accessible through the Library’s computers. You can also download and upload data and files directly to and from your computer or PDA. We also provide wired connections to our Public Internet Access from various locations throughout the Library.

This service uses the Library’s network resources to connect to the Internet. Anyone using the wireless service and the wired connections to our Public Internet Access must abide by the Internet Access Policy. Users who violate the terms of that policy, other library policies or use the network for abusive, malicious or illegal activity will be banned from the network and may be subject to prosecution.

Service Requirements

  • Portable computer or mobile device with an 802.11b/g/n compatible wireless Ethernet network card
  • Software to support the wireless network card
  • Web browser software

Getting Connected

Complete the following steps to get connected. Staff assistance is not available for this process:

  1. Configure your computer or PDA’s TCP/IP network settings to use DHCP. With DHCP enabled, your computer is automatically assigned an IP address when you connect to our network. Additional setup instructions are available at the library for configuring various operating systems.
  2. Ensure that your wireless network card is enabled and supports a connection using the 802.11bg/n wireless protocol. You may also need to configure your SSID to library; disable WEP/WPA encryption; and set connection to Infrastructure or Access Point mode.
  3. Start your web browser. You must first connect to our network using your web browser before you will be able to access the Internet using any protocol.
  4. Read and Accept the Internet Access Policy. Accepting the policy will register your computer on our network and enable your access to the Internet.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Public Internet Access available?

A: Public Internet Access is accessible from all public areas in the Library.

Q: What kind of equipment do I need to access the service?

A: A wireless network-enabled portable computer or mobile device. See the Service Requirements section for more details.

Q: Is there any cost for using the Public Internet Access service?

A: There is no charge to use this service.

Q: How long can I stay connected to the Internet?

A: There are no time limits on the length of time that you can stay connected to our Public Internet Access service.

Q: Can I print to the library printers from my computer?

A: Yes, utilizing our Mobile Printing service, you can print from your computer or device to a library public printer. 

Q: Is the network secure?

A: When you are connected to our network, you must protect your computer/device and data as if your computer/device is connected directly to the Internet. We cannot guarantee the security of your computer/device while it is connected to our network.