Title Author Date Call Number
I Feel a Little Jumpy Around You: a book of her poems & his poems collected in pairs edited by Naomi Shihab Nye and Paul Janeczko 1996 808.81 N
Truth & Lies: an anthology of poems edited by Patrice Vecchione 2001 808.81 T
Pierced by a Ray of Sun: poems about the times we feel alone selected by Ruth Gordon 1995 808.819 P
What have you lost? selected by Naomi Shihab Nye 1999 808.819 W
A Cowful of Cowboy Poetry Baxter Black 2000 811 B
I'm a stranger here myself Ogden Nash 1938 811 N
American Sports Poems selected by R.R. Knudsen and May Swenson 1988 811.008 A
America in Poetry: with paintings, drawings, photographs, and other works of art edited by Charles Sullivan 1988 811.008 A
Good poems selected and introduced by Garrison Keillor 2002 811.008 G
Verse & Universe: poems about science and mathematics edited by Kurt Brown 1998 811.008 V
The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson 1960 811.4 D
Drive, they said: poems about Americans and their cars edited by Kurt Brown 1994 811.5 D
You come too: favorite poems for all ages Robert Frost 2002 811.52 F
Committed to memory: 100 best poems to memorize edited by John Hollander 1996 811.54 C
The Happenstance Max Ellison [A Michigan poet] 1972 811.54 E
I am Wings: poems about love Ralph Fletcher 1994 811.54 F
A Night without armor: poems Jewel Kilcher [Jewel, the singer] 1998 811.54 K
Wherever Home Begins: 100 contemporary poems selected by Paul Janeczko 1995 811.54 W
The Raven and Other Poems Edgar Allen Poe 1992 YAPB Poe
Behind the wheel: poems about driving Janet S. Wong 1999 J811.54 W
Heart to heart: new poems inspired by twentieth century American art edited by Jan Greenberg 2001 J811.608 H