Photo Contest Voting

"People's Choice" voting for the entries in our amateur digital photo contest begins the evening of July 23 and ends August 7 at the end of the day.

Vote for your three favorite photos in the adult age category and vote for your three favorite photos in the teen age category.

**Note: on July 24 around 4:30pm the adult voting page was changed and votes were reset due to some problems we were experiencing with this new voting module for our website - sorry. If you voted before 4:30pm on Wednesday July 24, you'll need to vote again.

If you use facebook, you may also see the photos and vote on our facebook page.

The two people's choice winners will be put on display in the library for all to see during August and September.  Thanks for participating!



So when will winners be posted and notified?


People's choice winners and honorable mentions have been notified and posted here  today.  Judging for the prize winners, the other part of the contest, is still in progress.

Photo Contest

Nice job on the pictures by all. Those are a good set to choose from. Nice sunsets!


Now that it is over, I can say I was biased towards photos 1,4 ,3. Anyway..Love a couple of them big time. Frameable pictures

Photo Contest

Congrats to the beloved bee, very well done, nice and crisp.

I agree, it is a beautiful

I agree, it is a beautiful bee and flower, very nice nature pictures for Waterford.


Yes, the Bee was nice. Actually all the nature pictures were very nice. The nature sunsets and the cabin really show the Township, and you can recognize their location. Yeah, I think the best picture won, but many including the Blue Heron was were amazing nature photos.

1,4,3,2, were nice.  But 9

1,4,3,2, were nice.  But 9 and 10 were excellent.