Patriotic Holidays Booklist

Patriotic Holidays Booklist


Author Title Call Number

Ansary, Mir Tamim

Veterans Day HOLIDAY J394.264 A

Bennett, Kelly

Flag Day HOLIDAY J394.263 B

Chall, Marsha Wilson

Happy Birthday, America! HOLIDAY JE CHALL
Cohan, George You're a Grand Old Flag J782.42 COHA
Cotton, Jacqueline S. Memorial Day HOLIDAY J394.262 C

Cotton, Jacqueline S.  

Veterans Day HOLIDAY J394.264 C
Edens, Cooper The Glorious American Songbook J782.42 GLOR

Frost, Helen

Memorial Day HOLIDAY J394.268 F

Golding, Theresa Martin            

Memorial Day Surprise HOLIDAY JE GOLDING

Hamilton, Lynn   

Memorial Day HOLIDAY J394.262 H

Kaplan, Leslie C.

Flag Day HOLIDAY J394.263 K
Ketteman, Helen The Great Cake Bake HOLIDAY JE KETTEMAN

Kimmelman, Leslie

Happy 4th of July,
Jenny Sweeney!
Landau, Elaine Independence Day--
Birthday of the United States
HOLIDAY J394.263 L
Marx, David Presidents' Day HOLIDAY J394.261 M

Murphy, Patricia J.                

Our National Holidays HOLIDAY J394.269 M
Nobleman, Marc Tyler    Independence Day HOLIDAY J973.3 N

Nobleman, Marc Tyler

Memorial Day HOLIDAY J394.262 N
Quiri, Patricia Ryan The National Anthem J811.2 Q
Roberts, Bethany Fourth of July Mice! HOLIDAY JE ROBERTS

Rosinsky, Natalie M.

Presidents' Day J394.261 ROSI

Ross, Kathy

Star-Spangled Crafts HOLIDAY J745.594 R

Sandak, Cass R.

Patriotic Holidays HOLIDAY J394.2 S

Schuh, Mari C.

Flag Day HOLIDAY J394.263 S
Whitehead, Kathy Looking for Uncle Louie
on the Fourth of July
Wong, Janet S. Apple Pie 4th of July JE WONG

Ziefert, Harriet

Hats off for the Fourth of July! HOLIDAY JE ZIEFERT