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Nicholas Sparks Readalikes

The Christmas Box trilogy Evans, Richard Paul   FICTION EVANS
  1. The Christmas Box (1996)
  2. Timepiece (1996)
  3. The Letter (1997)
The Last Promise Evans, Richard Paul 2002 FICTION EVANS
Remembering Blue Fowler, Connie May 2000 FICTION FOWLER
Night Train to Lisbon Grayson, Emily 2004 FICTION GRAYSON
Friendship Cake Hinton, Lynne 2000 FICTION HINTON
Walter's Purple Heart Hyde, Catherine Ryan 2002 FICTION HYDE
Candles on Bay Street McKinnon, K.C. 1999 FICTION MCKINNON
The Last Valentine Pratt, James Michael 1998 FICTION PRATT
The Lighthouse Keeper Pratt, James Michael 2000 FICTION PRATT
Ticket Home Pratt, James Michael 2001 FICTION PRATT
Night Gardening Swann, E.L. 1999 FICTION SWANN