New Computer Stations in the Children's Room

Image of AWE computersThanks to the generosity of our Friends, we have new game computers in the Children's Department.  There are two Early Literacy Stations from AWE (Advanced Workstations in Education), and two stations with specialized Internet browsers.

The Early Literacy Station (ELS) is a dynamic all-in-one digital learning solution for children ages 2-8. It is a self-contained unit requiring no Internet connection, so it is safe and secure. The educational titles are pre-loaded on the computer and are displayed using engaging graphics and intuitive menus.  But it's not just reading literacy that ELS promotes, but also proficiency in math, science & nature, social studies & geography, reading, phonics, and language arts, writing & computer skills, reference, and music & art.  Although, there are over 60 "games" loaded on the ELS computers, many of the games have more games within itself bringing the total up to 158.  Two ELS stations have replaced our old CD-ROM stations C & D.  The stations are first come, first serve.  They cannot be reserved.  Students may go on for up to an hour before being logged off.  No library card is required.

New computers with the ELF Child-Safe Internet Browser have replaced the old CD-ROM computers A & B.  ELF stands for "Education = Learning+Fun".  This software program allows children to safely browse the Internet with preselected sites that are fun and educational.  Some of the sites are Nick Jr., PBS Kids, Starfall, Ed Heads, Funbrain, Education Place, IXL, and many, many more.  No other parts of the Internet can be accessed.  A few other programs are preloaded on Computers A & B such as Mavis Beacon Typing Tutorial, Word 2003 (which will be updated to 2010 soon), Paint, and Paint.NET.  These computers are still reservable, and you will still need a library card to use them.

Funds to purchase the two ELS literacy stations and the ELF browser license were provided by the Friends of the Waterford Library Group.  "Thank you" are not big enough words to say how we feel about this purchase!