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Music Books

Title Author Call Number
Wild Roses Caletti, Deb YA Fiction Caletti
So Lyrical Cook, Trish YAPB Cook
LBD: it's a girl thing Dent, Grace YAPB Dent
This Lullaby Dessen, Sarah YA Fiction Dessen
Fruit Bowl Project Durkee, Sarah YA Fiction Durkee
Fat Kid Rules the World Going, K.L. YA Fiction Going
Ruby Tuesday Kogler, Jennifer Anne YA Fiction Kogler
Born to Rock Korman, Gordon YA Fiction Korman
6X: the uncensored confessions Malkin, Nina YAPB Malkin
Rock Star Superstar Nelson, Blake YA Fiction Nelson
Tribute to Another Dead Rockstar Powell, Randy YAPB Powell
Fake ID Sorrells, Walter YA Fiction Sorrells
Backstage Pass Triana, Gaby YA Fiction Triana