More Chick Lit

Bank, Melissa The Wonder Spot 2005 FICTION BANK
Green, Jane The Other Woman 2005 FICTION GREEN
Hughes, Finola Soapsuds 2005 FICTION HUGHES
Kendrick, Beth My Favorite Mistake 2004 FICTION KENDRICK
Kennedy, Erica Bling 2004 FICTION KENNEDY
Lutz, Karen McCullah The Bachelorette Party 2005 FICTION LUTZ
McLaughlin, Emma Citizen Girl 2004 FICTION MCLAUGHLIN
Messina, Lynn Fashionistas 2003 FICTION MESSINA
Messina, Lynn Tallulahland 2004 FICTION MESSINA
Nichols, Lee Tales of a Drama Queen 2004 FICTION NICHOLS
Nichols, Lee Hand-Me-Down 2005 FICTION NICHOLS
Singh, Sonia Goddess for Hire 2004 FICTION SINGH
Singh, Sonia Bollywood Confidential 2005 FICTION SINGH
Sykes, Plum Bergdorf Blondes 2004 FICTION SYKES
Townley, Gemma Little White Lies 2005 FICTION TOWNLEY
Wasfie, Giselle Zado So Fly 2005 FICTION WASFIE
Christian Chick Lit
Walker, Laura Jenson Dreaming in Black and White 2005 FICTION WALKER
Mystery Chick Lit
Caldwell, Laura Look Closely 2005 MYSTERY CALDWELL
Kozak, Harley Jane Dating Dead Men 2004 MYSTERY KOZAK
Kozak, Harley Jane Dating is Murder 2005 MYSTERY KOZAK
Roberts, Wendy Dating Can Be Deadly 2005 MYSTERY ROBERTS
White, Kate Over Her Dead Body 2005 MYSTERY WHITE
Paranormal/Fantasy Chick Lit
Davidson, Mary Janice Undead and Unwed 2004 PB ROMANCE DAVIDSON
Davidson, Mary Janice Undead and Unemployed 2004 FICTION DAVIDSON
Kenner, Julie Carpe Demon 2005 FICTION KENNER
Mancusi, Marianne A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court 2005 PB ROMANCE MANCUSI