Mobile Printing

The library is now offering more printing services with higher quality and faster speeds on new machines. To offset the cost of these upgrades, the library has increased the cost of printing and photocopying to 25¢ a page. Patrons are still able to print the first 5 pages free per day.

Printing Options:

  • Mobile Printing Web Portal - A web page where you can upload your document/image/web page to be printed.
  • Mobile Printing E-mail: You can print an e-mail or an attachment to an e-mail by forwarding the e-mail to this address:
    Please note that while you will be notified via e-mail that "Your document has been processed and is waiting for pickup at the printer", you must first go to the Circulation Desk to have them release your print job.

About Mobile Printing

The library's mobile printing service allows you to print from your laptop or mobile device inside the library or from anywhere in the world using a computer or mobile device with access to the Internet. Highlights of the service include:

  • Support for over 100 different file formats including Office documents, PDF documents, web pages and many types of images
  • The first 5 pages you print are free. Each page after 5 is 25 cents a page.
  • Printing in black and white and color

Once you have sent your print job, proceed to the Circulation Desk where staff will collect payment (if required) and release your print job(s). The print jobs will be sent to a printer in the Adult Department. You have up to 2 hours after sending your print job through the Mobile Printing service to have that released by the Circulation Desk staff. After 2 hours, your print job may be purged and you'll have to resend it.