Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is my PIN number?

A.  See PIN Guidelines Information.

Q.  What do I need to get a Waterford Township library card?

A.  You need to be a resident of Waterford Township, a property owner, work, or go to school in the township.  You need to present something with your name and current Waterford address; a driver's license works best, but we will accept a rent receipt, utility bill, personal, or payroll, check as long as it has your name and current address on it.

Q.    How old do you have to be to get a library card?

A.    We do not have an age limit.  If you are a minor you must have a parent or legal guardian with you.  It is also possible for a parent or legal guardian to sign an application form giving permission for the minor to obtain a card.  Parents and legal guardians are responsible for items checked out on their children's cards.

Q.    Do I need to have my library card with me to check-out items?

A.    It is a good idea to have your library card in case our computer system is ever down.  Most of the time we can look up your record using a piece of identification, such as a driver's license.  However, we cannot access a patron's record by name if we are in our off-line
back-up mode. 

Q.  If I live in another community may I get a card to use your library?

A. If you live in a "Library Network (TLN)" participating community we can issue you a temporary library card that will be good at the Waterford Library for 30 days, during which time you should go to your home community library and get a card.  You may use your home library card at most libraries in "The Library Network (TLN)", including Waterford.

Q.  May I return Waterford library items to another library, and may I return another library's items to the Waterford library.

A.  It is permissible to return Waterford Library items to another library in The Library Network system.  One consideration to keep in mind when returning to another library, other than the owning library, is that not all libraries use the same computer system, so there could be a delay in the check-in process resulting in fines.  

Q.   If  I lose a book and have to pay for it, why do I also have to pay overdue fines?

A.    Overdue fines are imposed on items that are returned late to encourage a timely return, so more people have access to the item.  It is now possible to renew an item, (that is not overdue, or has a request on it) on-line.  You may also call on the phone to renew items. 

Q.    Does the library accept donations of used books?

A.    Yes, the library does accept donations of used books. At the present time donations are accepted by the friends of the library on the second Saturday of each month, from 10am to 1pm in our Community Room.

There are some items that we do NOT accept:
1.  Musty or moldy items
2.  Reader's Digest Condensed Books
3.  Magazines (including National Geographic)
4.  Vinyl records
5.  Text books
6.  Encyclopedias
7. VHS tapes

NOTE:  If the library cannot use a donated item in our collection, it might be sold in one of the Friends of the Library book sales.  In any event, your donations benefit the library, and we thank you for thinking of us.


Q.    I am going on vacation; is it possible to get a longer check-out period?

A.    Yes, all you need to do is to tell the clerk at the Circulation Desk that you are going on vacation, and will need the materials for a specific period of time.  Most of the time we can accommodate your request, depending on the length of time requested, and the popularity of the item or items.  However, if the item was inter-loaned from another library, you will have to request a longer loan period through the owning library.

Q.    May I check out the books that are on display in the lobby?

A.    Yes, with one possible exception.  The books that are showcased behind the locked glass doors are sometimes unavailable because they are either from someone's private collection, or they are an integral part of the display.  Any of the other books in the lobby area are available to be checked-out.  Ask a Circulation clerk if you have any questions about the availability of any item.