National Library Week - April 13 - 19

Fiction Featuring African American Characters

Title Author Date Call Number
Tears of a Tiger Draper, Sharon 1994 YAPB Draper
Forged by Fire Draper, Sharon 1997 YAPB Draper
The Skin I'm In Flake, Sharon 1998 YA Fic Flake
Bronx Masquerade Grimes, Nikki 2002 YA Fic Grimes
Dancer Hewett, Lorri 1999 YAP Hewett
Soulfire Hewitt, Lorri 1996 YAPB Hewett
Belle and the Beau 
(Avon True Romance for Teens)
Jenkins, Beverly 2002 YAPB Jenkins
Looking for Red Johnson, Angela 2002 YA Fic Johnson
Heaven Johnson, Angela 1998 YAPB Johnson
Humming Whispers Johnson, Angela 1996 YAPB Johnson
Toning the Sweep Johnson, Angela 1993 YAPB Johnson
Danger Zone Klass, David 1996 YAPB Klass
Crystal Myers, Walter Dean 1987 YAPB Myers
Fallen Angels Myers, Walter Dean 1988 YAPB Myers
Slam Myers, Walter Dean 1996 YAPB Myers
Clover Sanders, Dori 1990 YA Fic Sanders
Another way to Dance Southgate, Martha 1996 YAPB Southgate
Shayla's double brown baby blues Williams, Lori 2001 YA Fic Williams
Hush Woodson, Jacqueline 2002 YA Fic Woodson