Fables: Animal Stories That Teach a Lesson

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Disabled Fables: Aesop's Fables Retold and Illustrated J700.875 DISA
Aesop Aesop's Fables (English. Selections.) J398.245 A
Aesop Aesop's Fables (Selections. 2000.) J398.245 P
Aesop The Hare and the Tortoise J398.24 A
Anno, Mitsumasa Anno's Aesop: A Book of Fables J398.245 A
Allen, Zoe B. There's a Wolf at the Door J392.2 ALLE
Babrius Aesop's Fables 398.2 A
Barchers, Suzanne I. Fifty Fabulous Fables: Beginning Readers Theatre J812.54 B
Barnes-Murphy, Frances The Fables of Aesop J398.245 A
Brett, Jan Town Mouse, Country Mouse J398.245 B
Brown, Marcia Once a Mouse: A Fable Cut in Wood J398.245 B
Brown, Stephanie Gwen Professor Aesop's the Crow and the Pitcher J398.2 B
Carle, Eric Eric Carle's Treasury of Classic Stories for Children by Aesop, Hans Christian Andersen, and the Brothers Grimm J398.21 E
Carle, Eric The Rabbit and the Turtle: Aesop's Fables Retold and Illustrated by Eric Carle J398.2 CARL
Chaucer, Geoffrey Chanticleer and the Fox J398.2 C
Dahlie, Elizabeth Bernelly and Harriet: The Country Mouse and the City Mouse JE Dahlie
Dahlie, Elizabeth Bernelly and Harriet: The Country Mouse and the City Mouse JE Dahlie
DePaola, Tomie Tomie DePaola's Favorite Nursery Tales J398.8 D
Forest, Heather The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind J398.2 FORE
Hennessy, B.G. The Boy Who Cried Wolf J398.2 HENN
Lowry,Lois Gooney the Fabulous JFIC Lowry Lois
McDermott, Gerald The Fox and the Stork JE Reader McDermott
Meserve, Adria Smog the City Dog JE Meserve
Miles, Betty The Tortoise and the Hare JE Reader Miles
Morpurgo, Michael The McElderry Book of Aesop's Fables J398.2 M
Morrison, Toni The Ant or the Grasshopper? Juvenile Illustrated Fiction Morrison Toni
Myers, Tim The Outfoxed Fox J398.2 MYER
Nolan, Dennis Androcles and the Lion J398.2 N
Nordholm, Gayle The Rainbow Tiger JE Nordholm
Orgel, Doris The Lion and the Mouse and Other Aesop Fables J398.245 O
Paxton, Tom Aesop's Fables J398.245 A
Paxton, Tom Belling the Cat and Other Aesop's Fables J982.24 P
Repchuk, Caroline The Race JE Repchuk
Rumford, James Nine Animals and the Well JE Rumford
Scieszka, Jon Squids Will Be Squids: Fresh Morals, Beastly Tales JE Scieszka
Sneed, Brad Aesop's Fables J398.245 A
Stevens, Janet The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse: An Aesop Fable J398.245 A
Valeri, M. Eulalia The Hare and the Tortise/La Liebre y la Tortuga J468 VALE
Ward, Helen The Hare and the Tortoise: A Fable from Aesop J398.24 W
Ward, Helen Unwitting Wisdom: An Anthology of Aesop's Animal Fables J398.2 W
Wormell, Christopher Mice, Morals, & Monkey Business: Lively Lessons from Aesop's Fables J398.24 W
Zwerger, Lisbeth Aesop's Fables J398.245 ZWER