Digital Magazines from Zinio for Libraries

zinio logoThe Waterford Township Library now provides you with Zinio Digital Magazines for Libraries.  These emagazines can be viewed from cover to cover online, or offline through the Zinio apps.  They can be downloaded to a PC, Mac, iPad, and some Android tablets.  Check out as many issues as you want and keep them in your account as long as you wish. There are approximately 200 popular magazines in our collection, including Consumer Reports, Newsweek, PC Magazine, and more.

Waterford Township Library Zinio Basics for new users

What you need:

To be a Waterford or Lake Angelus resident with a current Waterford Township Library card
An email account
Ability to go online with a computer (pc or mac), ipad, or compatible Android tablet

What you need to do:

Zinio for Libraries requires you to create two account logins – a Library Collection Account to browse the collection, as well as a free Viewer Account to read magazines online, or deliver those magazines to a Zinio Reader app on your computer or mobile device.

Go to

Click (or tap) on "Create New Account".

Enter your Waterford library card number (the number underneath the barcode on your library card) and click next.
Fill in your information, create a password, and click create account.
(Password must have at least 7 characters and include letters and numbers). You've just created the first of the two accounts,  your Library Collection Account.
You can see all the magazines in the library's collection.
Choose a magazine to check out and click on it.

Click on “Complete Checkout”.

You are taken to a page where you must create your Zinio viewer account. Use the SAME email and password you used previously (for the Library Collection account).  

We recommend that you UNCHECK the “send me email updates” box to avoid lots of unwanted emails. (Zinio is also a commercial enterprise and they would like to try to sell you emagazine subscriptions).

Click Register.

Now you've created your Zinio viewer account.

You will be taken to your Zinio viewer account showing Your Reading List, which includes the magazine you just selected.

Click on the cover of the magazine to open and read.

Whenever you wish to get additional titles from the library’s collection you need to return to The Library Network ‘s magazine collection page 
(and log in if you're not already logged in).

Click on another title, then click on “go to my checked out magazines”.

Please be aware that Zinio is also a retail business  that sells emagazine subscriptions to individual consumers.  Parts of their website are geared for doing that.  You do not have to purchase anything to get the magazines from the library. 


Important: You must set up your library collection account and viewer account BEFORE setting up your iPad viewer app  (or any other device's zinio viewer app).  

To enhance your magazine issue viewing experience, Zinio viewer apps are available for iPad and some Android tablets for viewing magazines by downloading and reading offline.  Apps are READERS ONLY, meaning you must return to the library collection whenever you wish to choose additional magazines or issues and check them out.  In other words, you cannot use the app to get the magazines from the library, you can only use the app to read the magazines. 

After setting up your library collection account and your viewer account,
download and install the app from your device's app store.  There is a page with links for getting apps, if you wish to use it.

Use the same viewer account email and password you created earlier to connect your magazines to your iPad or other device app.

In the app settings, it is also recommended that you UNCHECK the box on the settings screen to NOT receive updates/promotions.





I finally tried Zinio this week and I love it! I got an account and downloaded the app to my iPad. It is easy to use and the selection of magazines is very good. I also read some magazines on my laptop and this is my favorite device for using Zinio (bigger screen for bad eyes!). Thank you for this service.

Music at Library

I think the music at the Library is very easily overlooked. If you like classical, jazz and even Rock/Pop you have to look. I am biased towards classical and jazz, and those are easily overlooked in the Library, but check it out. They have some compilation type CD's that are great for listening too, or dare I say, putting on your computer for future listening pleasure. Just can't go wrong with Beethoven or Mozrt and they are easily overlooked that they are available there.