Digital Magazines from Zinio for Libraries

zinio logoThe Waterford Township Library now provides you with Zinio Digital Magazines for Libraries.  These emagazines can be viewed from cover to cover online, or offline through the Zinio for Libraries app.  They can be downloaded to a computer, smartphone or tablet.  Check out as many issues as you want and keep them in your account as long as you wish. There are over 250 popular magazines in our collection, including Newsweek, Family Tree, PC Magazine, and more.

What you need:

A current Waterford Township Library card
An email account
Ability to go online with a computer, smartphone, or tablet

What you need to do:

Go to

  • Select Create New Account inthe upper right hand corner
  • Enter your Waterford library card number (the number underneath the barcode on your library code) and click Next
  • Fill in your information, create a password, and click create account.

Click (or tap) on "Create New Account".

Browse through the titles or click on the All Genres drop down menu inthe upper right to see specific categories.

Click on the cover of the magazine you would like to check out and then click on the Checkout button.

We recommend that you do not check the "email me when the next issue is available" box to avoid unwanted emails. (Zinio is also a commercial service and they would like to try to get you to buy subscriptions.)

You can now choose to continue browsing the magazines or start reading the issue you just checked out. 

Using a smartphone or tablet:

If you would like to use your smartphone or tablet you will first need to download the Zinio for Libraries app. After the app is downloaded, you will need to activate and log in the app. When logging in on the app you will be directed to choose your country, state and library (choose The Library Network for your library). Then you will log in with your email and password. You can only read magazines currently checked out, you cannot check out additional magazines on the app.

Checkouts are done in your browser so you will need to toggle back to your browser and visit to view magazines available for checkout. Make sure you log in if you're not already.






I finally tried Zinio this week and I love it! I got an account and downloaded the app to my iPad. It is easy to use and the selection of magazines is very good. I also read some magazines on my laptop and this is my favorite device for using Zinio (bigger screen for bad eyes!). Thank you for this service.

Music at Library

I think the music at the Library is very easily overlooked. If you like classical, jazz and even Rock/Pop you have to look. I am biased towards classical and jazz, and those are easily overlooked in the Library, but check it out. They have some compilation type CD's that are great for listening too, or dare I say, putting on your computer for future listening pleasure. Just can't go wrong with Beethoven or Mozrt and they are easily overlooked that they are available there.