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Death and Dying Booklist

Materials for Young People

Author Title Call Number
Amos, Janine       Death J155.9 A
Bahr, Mary       If Nathan Were Here J155.937 B
Fry, Virginia      Part of Me Died Too J155.937 F
Jackson, Aariane Can You Hear Me Smiling? J155.937 J
Johnston, Marianne       Let's Talk About When Your Pet Dies J155.937 J
Latta, Sara Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One J155.937 L
MacGregor, Cynthia       Why Do People Die? J155.937 M
Rock, Lois When Good-Bye is Forever J242.4 R
Shriver, Maria      What’s Heaven? J155.973 S & JE SHRIVER
Spelman, Cornelia       After Charlotte’s Mom Died J155.937 S
Sprung, Barbara     Death J155.937 S
Wagner, Heather Lehr Dealing With Terminal Illness
in Your Family
J155.937 W
Weitzman, Elizabeth       Let's Talk About when a Parent Dies J155.937 W

Materials for Adults

DiGiulio, Robert      

Straight Talk About Death and Dying

155.937 D

Donnelly, Katherine      

Recovering From the Loss of a Child

155.937 D

Emswiler, Mary Ann     

Guiding Your Child Through Grief

155.937 E

Fitzgerald, Helen

The Grieving Teen

155.937 F

Harris, Maxine   

The Loss That is Forever

155.937 H

Harris, Trudy Glimpses of Heaven 236.24 Harr

Jarratt, Claudia Jewett     

Helping Children Cope With
Separation and Loss

155.937 J

Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth  

Living With Death and Dying

155.937 K

Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth    

On Children and Death

155.937 K

Le Shan, Eda      

Learning to Say Good-by:
When a Parent Dies

155.937 L

McCormack, Jerusha

Grieving: A Beginner's Guide

155.937 McCo

Rosen, Steven

Ultimate Journey:
Death and Dying in the World's Major Religions

202.3 Ulti

Schaefer, Dan     

How Do We Tell the Children?

155.937 S

Simon, Leslie    

A Music I No Longer Heard

155.937 S

Trazzi, Maria   

Talking With Children About Loss

155.93 T