Business Notices, Waterford Township Villages

From the
1872 Oakland County Atlas
NameType of BusinessDescription


Brandt, WmHotelPropr "Waterford Exchange"Waterford
Hixon, Lord & CoManufactureManufrs Doors, Sash and BlindsWaterford
Fifield, F W & SonManufactureMillers and Dealers in Flour, Feed, Grain and PlasterWaterford
Cooper, R HManufactureMillerWaterford
Lord, D R & CoManufactureFoundry, Manfurs Plows, Cultivators, &cWaterford
Streeter, LManufactureManufr Carriages, Wagons and Sleighs. Carriage Repairing, Painting and Ornamental Glass Staining done to orderWaterford
Gustin & JohnsManufactureManufrs of Carriages and Lumber Wagons, Sleighs, Cutters and Road Wagons in a superior style. Also, Carriage Trimming done neatly and promptly. Carriage and Wagon Ironing and Horse Shoeing. Particular attention paid to RepairingWaterford
Brownson, RichardMerchantPost Master. Dealer in Drugs, Patent Medicines and GroceriesWaterford
Clark, N EMerchantProduce DealerWaterford
Fifield, F W & SonMerchantDealers in Genl MdseWaterford
Graham BrothersMerchantDealers in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Groceries, &cWaterford
Wigg, OsmondMerchantDealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, &cWaterford
Graham, W HPhysicianPhysician and SurgeonWaterford
Phillips, M RBuilderContractor and BuilderWaterford
Watson, A BBuilderContractor and BuilderWaterford
Bradley, FMiscellaneousResidentWaterford
Clark, O EMiscellaneousResidentWaterford
Ganong, N RMiscellaneousFarmer and Breeder of Fine StockWaterford
Jones, Wm RMiscellaneousFarmerWaterford
Linabury, C SMiscellaneousFarmer and Land AgentWaterford
Young, JamesMiscellaneousFarmer and Stock RaiserWaterford
Albertson, C BMiscellaneousR R Station AgentDrayton Plains
Ebner, JohnFarmerFarmer and Stock RaiserDrayton Plains
Hugil, ThosManufacturerGenl Blacksmithing, Carriage Ironing and Horse ShoeingDrayton Plains
Judd, H DManufacturerPropr Grist MillDrayton Plains
Linabury, J HHotelPropr Drayton Plains HotelDrayton Plains
Southard, A AFarmerGenl FarmerDrayton Plains
Shwesinger, PaulMerchant & ManfDealer in Genl Mdse and Manufr of Boots and ShoesDrayton Plains
Bogardus, JohnMerchant & ManfCigar manufr and Dealer in GroceriesClintonville
Linderman & RikerManufacturerMerchant Millers. Particular attention paid to Custom Grinding. Flour, Feed, Meal, &c. Constantly on hand, wholesale and retail, at lowest market prices. Also, Farmers and Proprs of Saw MillClintonville
Walker, WmMiscellaneousMillwrightClintonville

Source:  F. W. Beers,  Atlas of Oakland Co. Michigan:  From Recent and Actual Surveys and Records (New York: F. W. Beers, 1872), p. 61.

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